Loving Jews who are Different than You (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Loving Jews who are Different than You (12-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

A simple but powerful way to feel more connection with and love for our fellow Jews of all kinds.


  1. I love this peptalk! I agree very much about all that you mentioned.
    I have been learning with 2 chavrusas over the phone for the past 3-4 years whom I’ve never met in person (or seen photos of), one of which is chasidish and the other is a baalas teshuva (I am ffb from Brooklyn, NY) and I always say/feel that we talk as though from soul to soul in that we don’t get stuck in the judgments based on our externals. We talk very openly/honestly about ourselves and have developed a closeness that I could only dream would be possible had we met in a different capacity.

    • that is also the magic of being in Rabbi Nivin’s chaburas, with hundreds of women of various backgrounds. We don’t see each other, so we have the gift of being able to see each other simply as souls.

  2. What a powerful idea of seeing people beyond the external vessel which holds their souls!
    Chana jenny you are so cute and sweet! I just wanted to pinch your cheeks, I feel like I am the same in the sense that I too will cry just from thinking of a moving idea 🙂
    You have such a sweet and loving neshama
    Thank you for all your messages that infuse my days with meaning and connection

  3. This idea reminded me of a lesson given by Rav Reuven Fierman where he describes how it will be like when we all have Ahavat Chinam. Imagine that you are reversing out your driveway into the street when someone bumps into your car. You unclasp your seatbelt and open your door ready to vent your frustration at the negligent driver. You walk aggressively up to the driver of the other car and as the driver rolls down the window you discover that it is your mother! Of course your whole attitude will change, you’ll be worried and ask your mother if she’s ok, you’ll tell her that everything’s fine, just a little bump.
    This is how we should feel for every jew.

    • wow! beautiful mashal! rav fierman is one of my daughter’s best friends! I saw his book at dabree sheer, I should check it out

  4. Beautiful! Best place to start, as always, is at home, seeing my husband’s neshama and the neshamas of our children, which of course are always pure only on the outside can look otherwise

  5. Fantastic pep talk, thank you.

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