What My 2-Year-Old Did to My Computer

What My 2-Year-Old Did to My Computer

Last night, when I came upstairs to check my Email I found 2-year-old Yonatan sitting at my computer grinning a bit too wide. When I came closer to remove him, I saw that he had managed to turn my desktop screen completely upside down.

He is only 2. But little Yonatan had somehow managed to press the Alt, Ctrl, and arrow keys on my keyboard simultaneously in order to perform this impressive feat, which took me 15 minutes accompanied by quite a bit of growling to undo.

Many years ago, when my 19-year-old Hadas was around Yonatan’s age, I went with her to a large city park near my husband’s childhood home in Canada. And I remember how Hadas pointed into the distance, and said, “Dog!” And I turned and saw the dog which I hadn’t noticed until she pointed it out to me.

I remember how blown away I was by that. How I felt that was a moment of deep wisdom in my (2-year) mothering career. Realizing that the child I had given birth to wasn’t just a continuation of me. This little girl could see things I couldn’t. And now, as
I have watched that girl grow into a woman, I have had that same awe-inspiring realization time and time again.

Maybe because these children we call ours are created, in fact, by 3 partners–husband, wife, and the Holy One.

Meaning they are in fact a mixture of husband, wife, and potential, all the way to the horizon and beyond.

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  1. Lovely. Chag Sameach.

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