Remembering Poetess Sorah Rosenblatt OBM

Remembering Poetess Sorah Rosenblatt OBM

Last week in Ami magazine, author Sarah Shapiro wrote about her long-time writing group member and friend, poet Sorah Rosenblatt OBM, who passed away this year. In Sarah’s article, I discovered that Sorah Rosenblatt and I have quite a lot in common. We are both baalot teshuvah, from Baltimore, stay-at-home mothers/writers, living in Jerusalem (though she lived in Meah Shearim, not Kiryat Moshe, like me).

Sarah chose out some of her favorite Sorah Rosenblatt poems for the Ami article, and here are my favorites of her favorites.


A staid existence;
A plain, domestic life;
No travel, no career
(except that of mother, wife).
No frills, adventures, thrills.
Not much money,
many bills.
A home, a husband,
children bickering.
It must sound dull
as anything.
I guess you think
I’m bored to death.
I’d argue the point,
if I could catch my breath.


Not with the heart of Rochel Imeinu,
Not with the mind of Sarah Imeinu,
Not with the soul of Miriam HaNeviah,
Not with the yearning of Chanah HaNeviah,
Not with the strength of Dvorah Haneviah
Not with the background of my neighbor from Meah Shearim,
But with my heart, my mind, my yearning, my own story,
I will serve You here.
I will serve You now.


I don’t bother arguing,
When people ask,
“Are you
A baalas teshuvah?”
I answer “Yes.”

A baalas teshuvah?
One who mastered teshuvah?
No, I
don’t qualify.
But, as I said before,
I just don’t bother arguing,
Read more poems compiled by Sara Shapiro for Sorah Rosenblatt’s 1st yahrzeit


  1. Wow! Thank you! It so beautiful

  2. Does she have a published collection of her poetry? Amazon link? Tnx!!!

    • JewishMom

      the article said she had written a book, but I don’t remember what it was called, and I don’t have the article anymore. If you can get that issue of ami (from a week before last I think), there are about 15 poems. If anyone knows the name of her book, please tell us!

      • Hi,
        The name of her beautiful book is Memo to Self-Songs of Jewish Living by Ruth Lewish.

        I was so upset to discover she was no longer alive. My mother is going through a hard time and has just latched on to this book, loving it. She is dreaming to email the author and I don’t want to tell her it isn’t possible.

    • Hi,
      The name of her beautiful book is Memo to Self-Songs of Jewish Living by Ruth Lewish.

  3. I studied at university elisabeth bishop s poetry it really reminds me of it with the fact that she speaks of us jewishmoms! Very powerful in times of doubt and difficulties thank you!

  4. בס”ד
    so sorry to hear about passing away of this wonderful, talented woman – mother – grandmother & poetess
    hr poetry is ever so real & moving
    a great soul
    she will be missed
    ברוך דיין האמת

  5. Love those poems, and can relate so well…

  6. Bd’e. I’m so sorry to hear she passed away. She was such an inspiration to me through her book Memo to Self. May her memory be a blessing.

    • JewishMom

      thanks for telling us the name of the book, I would also love to read it

  7. Hadassah

    wow! You see your question was answered. B”DE. Her poetry is amazing. I can see where you would feel connected. (the difference is you have a certain amount of fame-or wider impact due to this amazing blog) Not that there is any competition… we each need to bloom where we are planted. May her memory be for a blessing and I hope she lived a long life. (I didn’t see the article in Ami so I have no idea.)

  8. Thanks so much for this article. Sorah was my mentor (via phone ) in the past almost three years. She was an extremely humble person , so kind and giving and was so amazing at listening and caring about others. She had so so many good qualities we can all learn from
    And definitely changed mine and many others lives for the better. Thanks so much fir sharing !!!

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