Feeling Summer Vacation

Feeling Summer Vacation

Summer vacation? Ha!

It is summer, I agree, but vacation? Maybe for my kids, but not for me…

For me, vacation begins when vacation ends, and the kids go back to school and I have some space to breathe and think my own thoughts without lots of little people around all day.

So I was struck by an article forwarded to me by my neighbor, Emuna, by a woman who has figured out how to put the vacation back into summer vacation.

The article was written by a mother and an architect who continues to work regular hours while so many other mothers around her are home (or out doing stuff) with their kids.

She writes that she was feeling resentful and bitter about this fact, and about her measly 14 vacation days a year, and then she had the following realization (which I’ve translated from Hebrew)…

“Suddenly I understood that vacation is completely unrelated to where I am.

“It’s possible to stay home and feel bound up and suffocated
“Or even go away to a hotel and be irritable and stressed out
“And it’s possible to find the vacation within the endless work…
“Because vacation is a choice…

“Take a deep breath, a little creativity, and a lot of courage
“And choose for yourself one new thing which for you means expansion and abundance.

“A little thing that takes you out of routine.
“Releases you from conventions
“And your rigid world view.

“What for example?
“Leave the house a little messy and instead of tidying up read a book without guilt.
“Buy fancy ice cream for the family, on a regular weekday.
“Daven slowly in the morning, and get to work late.
“And of course, breathe deeply, deeply.

“And enjoy the small moments you chose for yourself.”

Since I read this, it’s been helping me to feel the vacation, even with my kids around, all day every day.

To find the vacation even, as a busy JewishMOM, during summer vacation:)


  1. So what are you doing to get that vacation?

    • JewishMom

      I feel like for me I’m letting life be slower, more relaxed. and doing some fun extras with the kids. taking them to the zoo, out for icecream, buying them special frozen foods (like pizza and burekas, which I don’t buy during the year). making life feel a little bit festive.

  2. Doing with the kids sthing we like but which is very simple like going for a walk wihh just one child,listening together to songs I like, cooking or meetkng with friends we dont hzve time to meet during the year! And on a personal level i have my coffee in my bed before they wake up and even if it is 6 i feel i am in a hotel in vacation!! Thks for the hizuk!!! And good holidays!

  3. And the most important is to relate to your peptalk:my avodat hashem for those 2 months are to be home with my little group of kids and accepting this and living the present day by day erase a lot of frustration

  4. To personally feel summer vacation I have a box of arts and crafts (just for mommy) that I love to rummage through. I make clips, headbands, decorate berets for myself. I enjoy sewing. During the rest of the year I don’t really have time for this. But summer time comes, I turn on music and enjoy my own arts and crafts.

  5. on vacation i do try to get more relax about the time issue….dont feel that pressure…also take the meals With less stress…but that i dont acomplish too much! Jajaja
    What i loved about this post is the fact that this is also a vacation….i haven’t thought about it that way

    Thanks! And חופשה נעימה

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