What My Almost-5-Year-Old Knows About Hashem:)

What My Almost-5-Year-Old Knows About Hashem:)

In preparation for Yom Kippur, my almost-5-year-old Yaakov has been hearing a lot in kindergarten about Hashem, and what it means that Hashem is all-powerful.
I guess that’s why today at the playground, Yaakov informed me:

“Eema, did you know that Hashem can do WHATEVER HE WANTS?

“He could turn a fence into a person!
“He could make Batman real!
“He could turn a car’s steering wheel into play-doh!
“He could turn 10 missiles into cucumbers!
“He could EVEN turn a HUMAN BEING into a STOMACH!

“Hashem can do ANYTHING!!!”

And in response, this is what I thought:

“And, Yaakov…
Hashem can take
a little baby
who doesn’t even know how to
walk or talk
and make him grow up
into such a big, almost 5-year-old boy
on a regular basis
drives his mother completely crazy
but also
says such cute things
that make her SMILE
(in addition to a few other people around the world:)

Gemar Chatima Tova and Shana Tova!


  1. I particularly like the missiles into cucumbers transformation! Sort of an updated localized take on swords into ploughshares!

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