Unicorn Mom

Unicorn Mom

Sometimes I imagine that Hashem is giving ME a Mommy Peptalk. And this is what I imagine He tells me:

“I cannot believe that in the year 2017 there is still a woman in this world who so has her priorities straight.

A woman who is dedicated to her husband.

A woman who is dedicated to her children.

A woman who is dedicated to the Jewish people.

A woman who is dedicated to Me.

Your home glows with the love that I feel for you, such a rare woman in today’s world.”

And this peptalk (which, I believe, Hashem would like to give you as well) is what I thought of when I came across this photo by Efrat Natan* yesterday.

We Jewish mothers are like unicorns. Creatures so fantastic in this modern world of decaying values, traditions, families, that it’s hard to believe we exist.

But, incredibly, thankfully, blessedly–unlike unicorns, we actually do.

*This photo is featured at the new exhibit “Male and Female I Created Them” at Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum.


  1. Such a beautiful pep talk! HaShem is saying all that and lots more because we moms are AMAZING!!!
    As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I so needed to hear this!

  3. Wow this made me cry! So needed to hear this! That pep talk needs to be read daily!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. So well said. You are right we should hear this in our heads and feel it in our hearts and it should resonate in our bones! Keep up with your wonderful work!

  5. Even if we don’t sport a horn on our heads!

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