My 2-Year-Old’s Chips

My 2-Year-Old’s Chips

Every Shabbat, my kids are entitled to one big chips (Friday night), one treat (Shabbat morning) and one little chips (Shabbat afternoon).

This Sunday morning, 2-year-old Yoni woke me up at 6:30 in the morning with a urgent request, “Eema, may I have a little chips?”

“No, Yoni, today isn’t Shabbat. It’s Sunday. No more little chips until next Shabbat”

He carefully pondered that information, and then said: “Then, Eema, could I have a big chips?”


  1. I’m impressed by how politely and articulately he asks at age two! Howdja manage that one?!

    • the original Hebrew sounds a bit less polite and articulate, but thanks anyway:)

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