The Dance Exercise

The Dance Exercise

This morning, for the first time, I attended my neighbor Devora’s Dance Journey workshop–which combines movement, spiritual contemplation, and awesome rythmic music.

During the workshop, Devora had us do a powerful exercise. We had to walk around the room with another woman holding her hand on our backs. Not pushing. Not directing us anywhere. Just accompanying us as we chose how to walk around the room–straight, circling, drunken swerving, our partner followed us along. Not judging. Just being there, her hand firmly saying “Wherever you go, I’m here with you.”

Tears came to my eyes as I felt my partner’s hand on my back. Cause I thought of how Hashem accompanies me over and through the hills and plateaus and valleys of my life.

And then, the next exercise, This time our partners were allowed to gently guide us with their hands placing slight pressure on our backs. It was a warm feeling, a relief, to let go. To be guided. To trust.

And I felt deeply, how in my life Hashem accompanies me but also guides me, turns me, (sometimes spinning me around, in fact) until I am facing the way I need to go.

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