The Fisherman and Me

The Fisherman and Me

Over Chanukah, I travelled up to visit my 19-year-old daughter, Hadas, who is a national-service girl near Nahariya.

One morning I sat to pray on a bench overlooking the Mediterranean, and I noticed this fisherman.

And this is what I thought:

The sea has existed forever. And it will exist forever.

Just like Hashem.

And just like that fisherman comes to this eternal sea…

I live as a Jewish woman…

Praying, learning, serving Hashem.

Come for 120 years to connect day by day, moment by moment, with Hashem’s eternity.


  1. Amazing how the sea gives such a feeling of expansiveness and smallness all at once… You might not be wearing tztzit but I think you’re living with the awareness of Hashem in every moment – how powerful!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

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