My Broken Dishwasher

My Broken Dishwasher

I woke up a few days ago, and my dishwasher was dead.

So this morning the dishwasher repairman finally came. He pulled the dishwasher out, tilted it up, and thwacked the bottom hard with the palm of his hand 5 times. Then he pushed the button, and, voila, the dishwasher broken beyond repair was working just fine. “It was clogged, so I unclogged it” the repairman explained, “that will be 250 Shekels.” 15$ per thwack.

Afterwards, I realized I am like that broken dishwasher. Sometimes I feel grouchy, miserable, irrevocably exasperated with my family members and my life and the universe itself.

I feel broken. Hopeless. Beyond fixing.

And then I rest my tired head.
Or fill my rumbling stomach.
Or walk around the block to fill my stuffy lungs with fresh air.
Or lock myself in my room to calm my kid-frazzled nerves.

And miracle of miracles, after that little thwack, suddenly my life, my family, my world looks so much brighter. But it wasn’t the world that changed. Thwack! It was me.


  1. Love it!!
    You have gifted your readers with a vital and relevant insight wrapped in a delightful package, topped by a shiny bow.

  2. Haha- love this! Thank you. So true. And glad your dishwasher is working 🙂

  3. Hadassah Aber

    I am glad that your dishwasher got fixed so easily without having to pay for expensive parts. I would feel foolish to have to pay for that type of repair. I would be telling myself I should have been able to smack it myself! At least you got a great article out of the situation. We all need a reset every so often. Boruch Hashem we don’t have to get smacked to fix ourselves!

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