My Daughter’s Special SMS

My Daughter’s Special SMS

I just got back from an overnight community-center trip for women to the Dead Sea. I had so much fun! I soaked in the spa, danced zumba, stuffed myself on incredible food (back to the diet tomorrow–I promise!) and enjoyed the salty calm, great company, and spectacular view.

But the sweetest moment of the entire trip was probably the moment I received the following SMS from my 12-year-old daughter, Moriah. When I thanked her for taking care of her younger siblings so I could go away, she sent me the following response:

“You’re welcome,
It’s fun to feel like an Eema.
Even though sometimes it’s difficult!
From now on, I will try to appreciate more
Everything you do for us…”
Now I understand
What a high level mothers are on!

Since Moriah was talking about all mothers, everywhere, I’m passing her SMS on to you, to make you smile too:)


  1. what does sms mean?

  2. You can see your daughter was raised in a warm and loving home. The warmth she received is being reciprocated!

  3. What a nachas moment!! You should continue to see great nachas from all of your gems…

  4. Shoshana Rachel

    Wow! That’s so special.
    You are a very special mummy. Your daughter is has the best “dugma ishit!”

    Wishing you lots more nachat.
    Purim sameach

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