16 Costumes I Loved–Happy Purim!

16 Costumes I Loved–Happy Purim!

Thanks to Nechama Koren for sending me these first two awesome photos, thereby inspiring this post!



  1. Hahaha, you got some real winners there! Love Rabanit Yemima, Ali express, cops, smores. Thanks for the laughs ;). Purim sameach!!

  2. JewishMom

    I saw rabbanit yemima tonight at a class she gave in the neighborhood. She said, “Shalom JewishMOM!” I told her I posted the photo of her costume, and it’s going viral. She laughed:)

  3. These are great!!!!! Thanks!

  4. All adorable…I laughed
    thank you…it is so good to laugh.

  5. Hadassah Aber

    Adorable! Laugh out loud cute and funny! Inspiration for next year….
    Saw this now from a link in your column. Never too late to enjoy.

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