Mazal Tov! Miracle Baby Celebrates Bar Mitzvah

Mazal Tov! Miracle Baby Celebrates Bar Mitzvah

Tonight I’m looking forward to attending the bar mitzvah of the oldest son of my dear friend, Elana Mizrahi.

I first met Elana almost 2 decades ago, when she was single, fresh out of Stanford University, a student of my husband’s at Nishmat. I remember when she was dating her husband, and when she got married.

And I remember those 4 long years she waited to get pregnant…

I remember very well praying for Elana when I lit Shabbat candles week after week. And I will admit that I remember feeling despair when I prayed for her–I feared that Elana would never ever become a mother…

But she did become a mother, b”H. And she named her oldest son Avraham Nissim–in honor of her father-in-law as well as the miracle she and her husband had experienced.

And since I made this video below about Elana exactly 10 years ago last month, her miracle boy has been joined by 3 more siblings. Thank G-d!

Elana, I bless you with continued nachas from your wonderful family! Mazal Tov!

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  1. Dani Margolies

    Beautiful video! Mazel Tov Elana! I had the zechus of having Elana at the birth of my firstborn son 5 years ago baruch Hashem 🙂
    May you have continued health and strength to raise your precious children and may you be blessed with all the sweetest brachos for your family!

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