6 Funny Pesach Cartoons

6 Funny Pesach Cartoons

Enjoy and chag sameach!

Remember that every year on Passover there are entire families that don’t have anything to eat. They are called Ashkenazim.

“This painting is titled ‘Pesach cleaning'”

I’m the man in this house! And if I tell you to lift your legs so I can wash the floor, you lift them! Understood?!

Matzot–we have. Food- we have. Wine–we have. Hagaddah–we have. Eliyahu–Navi [means ‘we’ll bring’]

“I don’t care if you are 3 years old and there are lots of people here you don’t know…Say Mah Nishtana!!”


“My wife had just finished all the Passover cleaning, and I came into the house with a cheese danish. That’s it, Doctor, that about all I remember.”



  1. 😂

  2. sheva lazaros

    now my pesach pots and dishes are put away.
    now my chametz things are back in the kitchen.
    now i made some spaghetti and sauce.
    now my husband came home with bagels.
    now i have sat down and read the cartoons.
    now i am laughing out loud.
    however, i confess that i also laughed during seders and yomim tovim.
    that’s partly because i was drinking wine.
    thank you for sharing those great cartoons.
    thank you for including the english captions.
    wishing all our internet, cloud and outer space friends a year of simcha laughter and happy nachas.

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