Maybe We’ll Give Up? A Kosher-For-Pesach Ballad (2-Minute Funny Video)

Maybe We’ll Give Up? A Kosher-For-Pesach Ballad (2-Minute Funny Video)

Underdos is a popular religious Israeli comedy troupe, which I love! Here’s their newly-released video for Pesach. Translation below…

You say “Let’s start cleaning, the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Take a rag!”
So I tie the rags together without fear. I jump to freedom!
You are waiting on the other side, like a mind reader, and I’m an idiot

If only I had the courage to say, “Maybe we’ll give up?”
We’ll sell our house to a businessman, we’ll leave the car burning outside
Anyway it’s my father-in-law’s
We’ll throw out the fridge
We can saw apart the sandwich maker, anyway I think it’s broken
We’ll do Shabbat HaGadol in Greece

You know they say, “Guys will clean your house”
You don’t need any special training for that.
But it turns out…you do, since they ruined my laptop!
Who kashers an electrical appliance?
They took $400, without taxes..
And I still can’t find our dog!

Maybe we’ll let go, the kitchen is already blinding!
Why does turmeric need to be marked kosher for Pesach, my dear wife?
She texts me, and I don’t answer.

So maybe we’ll take off? To Mars we’ll fly! There’s no chametz to get rid of there at all!
And I don’t have a mother-in-law in outer space!
I’m happy!
I share matzah with an alien.

Just I discovered a little bit too late
I brought a chocolate wafer in my pocket like a dummy!

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  1. Watching this after Peasch is definitely a different experience than watching it before 🙂

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