What I Told My Daughter After Her Principal Sent Her Home (6-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

What I Told My Daughter After Her Principal Sent Her Home (6-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The discussion I had with my daughter regarding her misbehavior in class wasn’t exactly what her principal had in mind…


  1. Thank you, Chana Jenny. I needed that encouragement ;-).
    Your daughter is blessed to have you!

  2. I had something similar with my son, instead I took him out to the dollar store and I tried to get him out of his head and enjoy the rest of the day. Lol

  3. I had such a hard day, and feeling so awful about myself and my motherly weaknesses and like what’s the use of controlling myself. This helps remind me that me and my children are worth turning a new leaf over for tomorrow.

  4. Nechama Koren

    Thank you!! you always know what to say and when to say it!

  5. it sounded to me that you found this episode somewhat amusing, and I find it very inspiring. could it be that there’s a problem with the teacher and not with your daughter? when my daughters were still in school and get the occasional reprimand, I used to take it VERY seriously. I wish I had your so poised reaction. I also wish for a real change in the way teachers approach these precious NESHAMOT that we deposit in their hands for so many years…

    • JewishMom

      my daughter didn’t say anything so bad, she just told the teacher to “calm down.” but I could imagine she said it in a really disrespectful tone because she doesn’t like this teacher. I didn’t get upset by the incident I guess because this has happened to me before with other kids, and I see that growing up takes care of most issues…

  6. chana jenny, I really am inspired by the way you handled this incedent.
    If this was me in my younger years, I would have yelled at my child. but the mashal and nimshal you gave your daughter will stay with her. we all have things to work on. but you taught her in a beautiful healthy way to work and change.

  7. ❤️Love this

  8. If the feelings are there the words can follow. I imagine that you really meant what you said and it sounded authentic and true. Were you actually angered by the incident at all? I cannot imagine myself speaking that way if I were truly upset or angry at my child!
    But it’s beautiful and inspiring and a great thing to remember to say afterwards if I botch things up and yell in the heat of the moment 😓🤞i guess thats a great technique for cleaning off MY purple splotches!

    • JewishMom

      right…no I wasn’t angry at all. She’s generally a great kid, and the incident was relatively small (she told the teacher to “calm down!”) and we know we need to work with her on this…

  9. Wow this is amazing mashal – sounds like it really resonated with your daughter and honestly, resonates with me also (as someone guilty . Wish I had the level-headedness to talk to my oldest (8) like this when she gets in trouble. Does it just come to you from experience or am I missing something!?

    • (meant to write, as someone guilty of not always speaking with the respect that I should either!)

  10. Such a wise mom you are!!!

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