The Moon Outside my Hotel Window

The Moon Outside my Hotel Window

For a week every June, hundreds of Jewish mothers take over a hotel by the Dead Sea to rest up and enjoy themselves before we start the hard work of summer “vacation.” So I’m here, doing that, with a friend until Thursday….

Today, sometime between sunset and nighttime, I noticed the Moon rising over the Dead Sea from our hotel window.

And surrounded by these hundreds of strong, beautiful, spiritual Jewish mothers, that rising moon reminded me…

Jewish Mysticism teaches that as we approach the Messianic Era, the Moon will rise. And it will expand into as great a luminary as the Sun itself.

And that rising Moon represents us female-folk: girls, women, mothers, growing, thriving, rising. Higher and higher. Shining our light, the light G-d blessed us with, for all the world to see.

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  1. very happy you can get away and recharge, enjoy and rest.

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