What Every Mom Has on Her Head

What Every Mom Has on Her Head


  1. So beautiful

  2. Wow! I love that imagery. I’ll try to imagine that next time I want to lose, my cool…

  3. Honestly I don’t know why but these sayings regarding a woman’s crown etc etc for some reason make me feel so UNCOMFORTABLE….. other words that spring to mind: self righteous, patronising…..
    Why do you think I have this gut reaction to any similar kind of metaphor regarding the holy/queenlike/elevated etc role or position of women …..? Is it because I feel so far away from this reality? I literally feel anger when I read these and similar words. It’s a disturbing reaction for me but very real. Maybe because i am a baalat teshuva and haven’t noticed any change in myself that might warrant such lofty descriptions ….. life is still what it is , struggles are still the same…. im wearing a “crown” but don’t feel as if it makes me any better or more lofty or queenlike than any other woman on earth.
    Interested in hearing thoughts….

    • Or mother….

    • JewishMom

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I actually do feel that! ! I remember the first time I walked around with a head covering, and (at least in jerusalem) being treated very suddenly with newfound respect, reverence even. And walking around visibly married with children, even more so.

      • Yes I agree that I have certainly received the same respect… it’s interesting that men don’t seem to have the same need to build up their outward mitzvot in the same way that women do…. maybe that’s what irks me somewhat….

      • I’m still after the story of why you decided to cover your hair even though you hadn’t intended to when you got married!

  4. I love this and also the other one you made about a woman in her home… I would totally buy magnets or postcards of these to hang in my house! (Idea?)
    They’re beautiful and inspirational. Thank you.

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