Did You Hear the Joke about the Couple with 10 Children?

Did You Hear the Joke about the Couple with 10 Children?

An Israeli rabbi traveled to the US for a speaking tour.

After he spoke at a synagogue in New York, he was approached by a married couple. “Rabbi, we have been married for 10 years, and still don’t have any children. Would you please bless us that we should have a child?”

The Rabbi blessed them and suggested, “Why don’t you write a note, and I could put it in the Kotel for you when I return to Israel?”

The couple liked that idea very much, so they wrote a note and gave it to the rabbi.

5 years later, the same rabbi was on another speaking tour, and he found himself at the same shul. After his class, the wife from that childless couple approached him.

“Rabbi, do you remember me? You gave my husband and me a blessing to have a child. And I wanted to tell you that today we are parents!”

“What wonderful news! When was your baby born?”

“Well, we actually don’t have only 1 child, we have 10…”

“What?! You had 10 children in 5 years?”

“Yes, a year after we met you we had twins. Then a year later we had triplets. Then a year later we had twins. Then two years later we had triplets again.”

“Wow, mazal tov! Is your husband here too?”

“No, my husband is actually on a plane to Israel right now.”

“Really, why is he going to Israel?”

“He’s on his way there to take our note out of the Kotel.”


  1. 🤣that was good! Is it really true? 1 family has twins…triplets…twins…triplets?

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