Why 1000s of People See this Mom Cook

Why 1000s of People See this Mom Cook

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Every weekday, thousands of people walk by Miri Levi, who spends her days preparing North-African food in the window of her son’s popular Jerusalem restaurant.

And every time I walk by Mrs. Levi cooking in that window, I think the exact same thing.

Millions of women around the world also cook, like Mrs. Levi does.

But, generally, nobody outside of our families sees us when we cook, when we clean up, when we care for our kids or when we’re doing all that stuff that needs to happen in order to keep our families and homes on their feet.

But, the truth is that, like Miri Levi, everything we do IS seen.

A watchful Eye sees every mother’s hardships and achievements. Her daily mess-ups as well as her microscopic yet magnificent victories.

The Eye takes it all in, with love, with compassion, with faith–in mothers, and what mothers can do.


  1. Hadassah Aber

    Beautiful post! Those of us fortunate enough to have kids also have to give live performances daily! Our attitude towards our work affects their attitude towards moms, marriage, and life in general. So a happy 😊 performance can impact generations. Keep shining a light on mothers!

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