Vote for the $50 Anti-Superwoman Winner!

Vote for the $50 Anti-Superwoman Winner!

I thought all of the Anti-Superwoman fill-in-the-blank answers were so inspiring and validating. Truth is, I believe, they all deserved to be semifinalists, and was not able to choose between them. So in the end I asked a few other JewishMOMs to chose out these semifinalists.

I will be posting the winners at 5 PM EST this Thursday (one winner will be chosen by voting, another chosen at random among all those who submitted answers).


Luna: I do not answer the phone or the door if I’m busy with my kids or in the middle of something and don’t feel like getting dressed.

Milcah: I do not compete or compare. I’m OK at doing what matters to me and letting the rest go, but the second I start to compete or compare, my self esteem plummets and I can’t focus on what matters to me. I start beating myself up over things I don’t really care about.

Minna: I don’t make Shabbos more stressful than it has to be. I have a severely autistic son and Friday/Shabbos is extremely stressful as it is.
Which means: we don’t have guests (even though at one point this was a big part of our lives), don’t use real dishes, I don’t cook fancy foods or bake challah, and if I don’t feel up to it, I will buy ready-made food. I try to make it special for my family by having good (store-bought) cake and chocolate milk for kiddush…
And I tell myself that what my kids will remember are the positive memories in life, not what I think is missing. Hopefully they are learning how to deal with stress in the most effective way:)

Ronit: I do not fill the role of Rabbanit at the shul where my husband became the Rav. My role as Eema takes precedence for now.
I also do not attend all shul simchas, only when I feel I can.

Rivkah: I do not stop taking my anti-depressants. They keep my mind healthy enough that I can help my family stay healthy.

Sharon: I do not sweat the small stuff, and since my cancer and my daughter’s, it’s all small stuff. For now, we are both cancer free and that’s enough to keep me happy. Dishes, laundry, floors, etc…It’s nice when the house is clean, but if it needs to be postponed, no biggie!

Andrea: I do not bring my job home with me. I used to come home upset after work and now when I walk out of my office, I leave my work there so I can be 100% with my husband and kids when I’m home. B”H.

Rachel Shifra: I do not fold laundry. I sort and dump in each kids drawer.

Shira: I do not miss my swim in the pool every afternoon 6/7 (excluding Shabbat) including 10 minutes in the Jacuzzi followed by a hot shower – no matter how busy I am or what’s going on. Everything else will wait and I’ll be much happier and more productive afterward.

Jenny: I do not plan day trips for children over chol hamoed. We go to the park. No zoo, concerts, amusement parks, etc for us…

Debi: I do not catch up on other people’s lives if I feel their accomplishments will trigger jealousy and cause me to look down on myself or my life situation.

Anna: I do not talk critically to myself…I make sure I have my best friend talking to myself in my head, and my best friend is me! Things are always better and easier when a good and understanding friend is around😊


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  1. I wanted to vote for Anna she’s not an option…

    • that’s strange, I see anna’s name, and that people have voted for her. maybe try refreshing your screen…i am using chrome, maybe try that too

  2. I see 9 choices to vote for, but read 12 different women’s quotes.

    • I’m not sure why not everyone sees all the options. I see that all the Anti-Superwomen have received votes, so this is not the case for everyone.

      I’m sorry for this inconvenience. If somebody you want to vote for doesn’t appear in the poll, please send me their name through this contact form:

  3. Chana bracha

    This is fabulous!! Thank you for making me feel so normal!!

  4. I am touched beyond words to find my name here. Thank you,, and good Shabbos!

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