How to Conquer Your After-the-Chagim To-Do List (2-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

How to Conquer Your After-the-Chagim To-Do List (2-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

2 simple tools that help me not get overwhelmed by my lengthy post-Chagim to-do list.

The Chagim are over, and if you are like me, you have a to-do list as long as the galus made up of all the things you said you would do “After the Chagim.”

Here’s 2 ideas that help me to not get overwhelmed when I have a lot to get done:
This 1st idea is based on something I learned from my teacher Dina Friedman. I do this every single weekday when I’m eating breakfast. It’s very simple. Divide up your to-do list into 2 lists. 1. What must be done today 2. What doesn’t have to be done today. Whatever does not have to be done today, write it down on that 2nd not-today list. Give it up to Hashem, and let it go for at least the next 24 hours.

But what about things on your to-do list that are longer-term goals. Things that are important, but not urgent.

This is the 2nd tip which I learned from my friend Devora. She taught me to put these goals into my weekly schedule. For example, this year, I have scheduled 5 minutes every Wednesday to think about my kids’ and my husband’s health and whether there’s anything that needs attention, set up appointments, etc. On Sundays I have scheduled 5 minutes to do the same thing for my own health. I’ve scheduled 20 minutes on Tuesdays to put together photos of or anecdotes about my kids to give nachas to their grandparents. 5 minutes on Saturday night to think about ways to keep my home more clean and organized.

To review, here’s what you do when you have a lot of things to get done– and what mother doesn’t?

The 1st tip: Divide up your to-do list into 2 lists: What must be done today, and what doesn’t have to be done today.
2nd Tip: For long-term goals, which are important but not urgent, schedule them into your weekly schedule.

Do not underestimate the power of a 5 minute commitment, those 5 minutes of thought or planning or doing can make a huge difference in moving you towards your goals.

Hope that helps!


  1. Chana,
    You are incredibly organized!
    To continue giving credit, this reminds me of Rabbi Nivin’s “pinhole avoda”

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