A Remarkable JewishMOM-by-Choice

A Remarkable JewishMOM-by-Choice

I have met many people who’ve converted to Judaism, and I’ve been privileged to hear quite a few goosebump-raising stories over the years. But the personal journey of Geraldine, a guest at our home for this past Friday-night dinner, is hands down one of the most moving I’ve ever heard.

Here is what Geraldine shared with us:

My story is a long one and I don’t want to tire you with it. So, in short, it probably dates back to World War II when my father served in Palestine with the Australian army.

He fell in love with the Yeshuv, the Jewish community living in Israel before the establishment of the State of Israel, especially with the kibbutz movement.

Athough not Jewish, my father became an ardent lefty Zionist. And in due course, my father transferred that love of Israel to me.

As a teen, I became fascinated with Jewish history and even began to wear a Star of David with my Catholic school uniform, much to the consternation of the nuns.

Fast forward to graduate journalism school in New York City and a fellow student, a Jewish guy named Tony who asked me to marry him.

I converted simply because I could not imagine bringing an end to the Jewish line for a family who had survived pogrom and Shoah.

So it was more about history than faith, perhaps.

But I find myself at home with the blessing and noticing of nature–the dew, the new moon –and the good things of daily life–the bread, the wine, and the most special blessing of my two Jewish sons.

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