Families Under Fire

Families Under Fire

Yesterday, in the middle of my 6 PM Weisberg-family hullabaloo, my husband called. The Gaza situation had heated up dramatically, he told me. Hamas was firing missiles far and wide, throughout the south of Israel and beyond. And it’s possible, my husband warned me, that there could be missiles fired at Jerusalem as well.

Unfortunately, my family’s been through this before. So I sat my kids down. And reminded them where the safest place to sit is if missiles reach Jerusalem. And I called my kids who were out of the house to remind them to run for shelter if they heard a siren while outside.

But I wasn’t scared. At all, really.

What are the chances there’d be a siren all the way up here in Jerusalem? And even if there would be a siren, what are the chances it would actually hit somebody? And out of all those somebodies, what are the chances it would hit us or somebody we know?

But for the rest of the night, until I fell sleep, I felt out of sorts. Suddenly wanting to stuff my stomach with every carb in my house. Unable to focus or think clearly. Like my head and my house was spinning round and round.

By this morning, that spinning feeling was gone. No sirens here. My world (and my diet) back on track.

But for millions of other Israelis, nothing has gone back to normal. As of this morning, 370 rockets had been fired from Gaza. One Israeli had been killed, and 70 injured, at least 3 severely.

Which made me think about how sick I felt from just the THOUGHT of a siren…

Imagine the lives of those in the south of Israel, living in bomb shelters, or running to their shelters many times a day? Mothers, fathers, children, grandparents.

Let’s pray for safety, let’s pray for quiet, let’s pray for PEACE.


  1. Janet Waller

    Joining you in prayer. May there be Shalom.

  2. Praying here, too!!

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