Mind-Boggling Gaza Miracle Has Israel Abuzz (1-Minute Amazing Video)

Mind-Boggling Gaza Miracle Has Israel Abuzz (1-Minute Amazing Video)

Israel is buzzing today with the great miracle that happened here.

This Monday, a bus carrying dozens of IDF soldiers approached Gaza. Just minutes after they arrived at their destination, as you can see in this Palestinian footage, a Hamas anti-tank missile hit that bus, destroying it completely.

Miraculously, just minutes before that Hamas missile demolished the bus, every single IDF solder had gotten off the bus.

After the attack, the Bedouin bus driver, who was hospitalized for shock told reporters, “G-d loves the Jewish people. If that missile had hit 1 minute earlier, there would be 50 soldier dead.”

Thank you Hashem for this great miracle, and may we see more miracles with a full and immediate recovery for the severely injured IDF soldier who was standing next to the bus when it exploded, Shoval Michael ben Michal.

This is a video of IDF soldiers dancing at the Western Wall–it gives us a hint of how grateful the soldiers from Monday’s miracle must have felt!


  1. Baruch HaShem!!!

  2. And a refuah shelema to the bus driver also.

    • amen. I read that the driver is doing fine physically, but is in shock from what happened.

  3. thank G-d, I just read on Israel National News that the severely injured soldier from the bus explosion is now awake, breathing on his own, and talking. And Prime Minister Netanyahu paid him a visit in the hospital. B”H, let’s pray that the miracles for Shoval Michael ben Michal continue!

  4. Carole Zeifman

    Baruch HaShem! Kayla Jewish Mom & Bubie!

  5. A refuah Shelayma for Shoval Michael Ben Michal!!! And the driver!
    Hashem, keep showing the Miracles!!

  6. I’ve been reading Jewishmom.com for years now, so I feel comfortable in asking everyone to pray for a miracle for my daughter who has been in the hospital since sukkos. My baby is 20 months old and her name is Leeba Miriam Geula bas Leah. Hashem should send her a refuah shelayma and we should go home with a healthy leeba bkarov!

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