Laura Greenbaum: A Special Mom of Special Kids

Laura Greenbaum: A Special Mom of Special Kids

For this year’s Chanukah Contest, I asked readers to nominate mothers who are their personal candle in the darkness, the most inspirational JewishMOM they know. Here is the 2nd semifinalist, submitted by Lindi Rosen of Boca Raton, Florida:

I live next door to an incredible Jewish mom. My friend and neighbor, Laura Greenbaum, is a constant inspiration to me.

Laura is a brilliant and caring doctor, an OB-GYN. She does the holy work of helping to bring new souls into the world all hours of the day and night.

Somehow she also manages to lead the local Chevra Kaddisha (burial society), especially when there are medical issues involved. Laura often shows up to school events and carpool directly from an eventful night without any sleep and jumps right into the next event or task with tremendous enthusiasm.

But beyond even this, Laura is a supermom because she and her husband, Avi, have six beautiful children, a set of twins, a set of triplets, and a singleton child. Three of their children have significant and severely-challenging disabilities.

From left to right: Laura Greenbaum, Atara, Sammy, Judah, Jacob, Ikey, Jo, and husband, Avi

Everyday, there is a plethora of therapists, helpers, and special-ed school buses coming to and from their home.

Over the years, Laura has shared many aspects of the challenges, frustrations and heartbreaking issues with me, and they are truly beyond measure.

Yet to my utter and ceaseless amazement, at the same time that she is raw and real and honest, Laura is also full of joy and humor; she is a delight to be around.

Laura has profound faith in Hashem, and a deep commitment to Judaism and Jewish communal life.

I see her as a living example of what it means to be truly religious, to have true belief in the goodness of the world and G-d from within the depths of real challenge. I am in awe of her.

Laura is also incredibly devoted to her other 3 children as well. She is involved in the minutiae of their lives in a way that is just mind boggling.

When my son studies with her boys for a test, her boys will arrive at my home with hand-written study guides prepared by Laura.

I continually learn from my friend. I am blessed to have her as my next-door neighbor.

She is my real-life superhero.

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  1. This is just incredible! My mind is blown! This is like the woman’s version of Dayenu….
    If I had only been married, dayenu
    If I had only become a mother, Dayenu
    If I had only become a doctor, Dayenu
    If I had only had one set of twins, Dayenu…..
    If I had only had one special needs child, Dayenu
    If I had just been blessed with a wonderful nature, dayenu

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