Amichai Speaks with Shira for 1st Time: “You are a Powerful Woman!”

Amichai Speaks with Shira for 1st Time: “You are a Powerful Woman!”

Yesterday (Tuesday) newlyweds, Shira and Amichai Ish Ran, saw each other for the first time since Sunday’s terror attack. Amichai was brought by wheelchair into the ICU to visit his wife of 9 months holding a bouquet of flowers.

Shira’s father, Chaim Silberstein, told Ynet, “Amichai went in to see Shira, and in a flash his face was glowing. This was the first time he’s smiled since the attack.”

Amichai’s father, Raphael Ish-Ran told Ynet, “Amichai entered in the room with a sour face, but in an instant his face was glowing; he was happy to see her smiling. Even though she is not in good shape, he showed her his love. He told her, ‘You are a powerful woman!’ [את אשה אדירה]

B”H, Shira’s condition improved dramatically yesterday. B”H, she can now breathe on her own and even speak.

Shira’s father added, “We spoke with Shira and she began to tell us what she remembers from the terror attack. She told us that after she was shot, she saw a flash from the terrorist’s gun, and she felt the bullets hit her. She remembered how when she started bleeding, Amichai jumped on her right away to stop the bleeding.”

Shira and Amichai’s baby, born in his 7th month, is still fighting for his life.

Please continue praying for Shira Yael bat Liora Sara and Rach HaNolad ben Shira Yael


  1. We are davening for your healing!!

  2. Davening and crying for your beautiful children…

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