Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Mazal tov! Today is my birthday!
Wanna know how old I am? This year I’m finally old enough that I’m no longer going to be telling people how old I am…
Anyway, this birthday I did what Shira Ish-Ran requested from me to do, for the sake of her and her husband and her baby HY”D. And as she instructed me and all parents to do, I gave each of my kids a hug and told them that I loved them, no matter what.
I thought at least one or a few of my kids would roll their eyes and say “Eema, c’mon! You’re just doing what Shira said to do!” But none of them figured out what was prompting my sudden declaration of unconditional love….
My youngest, 4-year-old Yoni, seemed to like the hug part, but didn’t really get the words.
My child who is going through a stressful transition right now and causing me to put in overtime hours of nail-biting, gave me a big smile, hugged me back and gushed, “Oh, thank you Eema!”
And the child whose been giving me a cold shoulder for a few years, was a bit stunned and then told me “Eema, I love you too.”

And this birthday, I’m not going to tell you how old I am, but I want to tell you something else.
JewishMOM, even if you feel disappointed in yourself.
Disappointed in your life.
Disappointed in your mothering.
Disappointed in your children.
Disappointed in your marriage.
Disappointed in your homemaking abilities.
Disappointed in your spiritual life.
Disappointed that your weight is too high.
Disappointed that the contents of your bank account are too low.
Disappointed that your life looks nothing like you dreamed it would before real-life showed up and ruined everything.

I want to tell you, JewishMOM, that I love you, no matter what!

And I want to bless you this birthday:
With heartfelt happiness
Tremendous Nachas from your offspring.
Shalom Bayit, a peaceful and loving marriage
Financial abundance.
Health for you and your family

A deep, healing connection with Hashem
Love of Torah for you and your family
Redemptions–national redemption: for the world as a whole and the Jewish people, and personal redemptions: salvation in whatever area of your life needs some tweaking or a general overhaul.

May Hashem bless all of you this year with all this, and more, until 120.


  1. Dani margolies

    Amen!! What a complete and wonderful Bracha beezrat hashem for you and your family too! May you be blessed with many many many more happy and healthy and fulfilling years with tremendous nachas from your children and continued strength and resources to inspire us all!!

  2. Hi Jenny

    Long time no see, mazal tov on baby no.. ..whatever….

    Mazal tov to you and your family, enjoyed your article

    Shmuel and I are doing very well and our garden is glowing.

    I met Shira in the hospital a few days ago, Shmuel was in for 10 days for treatment, he is fine now, and so last Friday I went over to greet her and her husband..long story short. Just stayed a few minutes but they are an amazing couple with great positive energy.

  3. Chana,this is so beautiful,and I am sure that all the Mom’s who follow your site (and their children) must love you, too! You have a great zechus. May The One Above grant you and your family the very same blessings with which you blessed your readers, plus more!

  4. AMEN! There was very special energy behind that bracha, Chana Jenny! I felt like you were speaking it right here in front of me. It pierced right through the screen to all of our hearts! May it boomerang right back to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Such a lovely post! Thank you, I am very inspired by your ahavat chinam. I hope to emulate you one day.

  6. Happy Birthday, Chana Jenny!
    I said “Amen” to all of your brachos, and I wish the same (double) for you and your family.
    It is a privilege to know you, and I wish you strength and siyatta d’Shemaya to continue to serve HaShem through JewishMom.com and in all of your ruchniyus endeavors.

  7. mazal tov!

  8. Chana so beautiful. May all the the blessings come back to you!! I love how you shared what the kids said…I have also heard what Shira said in the back of my mind…it just helps me to keep putting life into perspective. Much love to you!!!!

  9. mazal tov!!following you for so long I know your exact age but wont reveal it!! wish you many many happy healthy years with all your dear family!

  10. Mazel tov Chana – May H’ present you with long healthy years and may you be able to continue being mechazeket et harabim as you have up until now.
    Lots of nachas and blessings for you too!

  11. Chana Jenny,

    Mazal Tov.

    Thank-you for the beautiful blessing. It was evidently said straight from the heart because it was spot-on and entered straight into my heart too.

    Thank-you for everything you do for me and all of the mothers who are lucky enough to read your blog.

    You should be showered with blessings this coming year.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  12. dearest chana jenny,
    may the one who blesses, be blessed!
    wishing you a year of simcha and shalom!
    may we all merit to be together in Yerushalayim with Moshiach now!

    • Hadassah Aber

      So sorry that I didn’t see this to respond on your birthday. I was going to answer with similar words as this comment so count it double! I remember when my daughter reached 40 and I thought she probably didn’t want me to tell people how old she was! At this point I have continued to share my age as each year is an amazing brocha 66! Bli ayin hora.
      Your posts are always inspirational and your willingness to share your personal struggle and issues is what makes your blog so special. Much hatzlocha and nachas on all fronts personal, national, and global!

  13. Amein,
    Thank you Chana Jenny and much more to you!! Happy birthday and Shabbat Shalom๐Ÿ˜

  14. Wow how inspiring – especially so – since I just celebrated my birthday this week as well. You really summed it up nicely… and from the fact that your not sharing your age anymore – I imagine we must be very close in age as well.

  15. Amen!!!! All those brachos right back at you!!! Keep up the AMAZING work if inspiring is Jewish Moms!!!! Happy birthday!

  16. Amen and thank you! I think you encompassed it all. Yom huledet sameach!

  17. thank you to all of you!

  18. Roberta Carasso


    That was the best birthday gift you gave yourself and others.
    I love everything you said.

    May your wonderful Jewish Moms continue for many generations.

    Much love for BRIGHTENING OUR LIVES,
    Roberta, aka Chaya Rivka

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