A Tragedy in Melbourne by Rina Jacobs

A Tragedy in Melbourne by Rina Jacobs

My friend Adina always has a smile on her face, and is completely committed to raising her children with Torah values.

Adina is a Mum (as we spell it here is Australia) to 6 beautiful children. Whether it’s bumping into her at the park or school pick up, discussing how our babies have grown, a child’s Torah progress, another child getting glasses, or anything else, I always leave with a smile and feel better for the experience.

We are all devastated by her husband’s sudden and tragic death last month.

Zev was a hardworking family man, who, despite shouldering his family’s burdens, would always drop everything to help those in need – whether it was physically building something, giving advice and anything else that the call of the hour required.

Adina has lost her best friend, and her 6 young children have lost their dear father.

May they find comfort and may his memory be blessed.

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