Mazal Tov to 2019’s 1st Israeli Baby

Mazal Tov to 2019’s 1st Israeli Baby

Mazal tov to Noa Tuito who gave birth to the first Israeli baby born this New Year, at 1 AM at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital.

When I saw the photo today of Noa Tuito and her midwife, Noam Gamliel, I was reminded of the midwives Shifra and Puah, who loved G-d so much and loved their fellow Jews so much that they put their lives on the line and defied the direct command of the most powerful leader of the greatest superpower in the world, Pharaoh.

Isn’t it remarkable, I thought, that 3332 years after Shifra and Puah last saved the life of a Jewish child, we open the newspaper (or look all around us) and see women living lives guided by the same laws, inspired by the same G-d, bound by the same love of the same people that inspired Shifra and Puah’s Holy Chutzpah 3 millennia ago.

The Jewish People Lives!
Am Yisrael Chai!
And Jewish mothers like these are the reason why:)

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