Struggling Kids: One Principal’s Words of Encouragement

Struggling Kids: One Principal’s Words of Encouragement


The following was written by Yosef Knapelmacher, principal of the Netivot Moshe School in Kadima:

Imagine a boy with a terrible stutter. who is completely unable to speak and express himself, certainly not in public.

Imagine the fears that pass through the hearts of that child’s parents.
“What will his future look like?!”
“How will he grow up, develop, and start a family?!”
“What will become of him?!”

But in contrast to this, what does the Torah show us?

Moses was “slow of speech and tongue.” People could hardly understand a single thing he said!

Yet he became one of the greatest leaders humanity has ever known.

He became a master prophet and brought down G-d’s word, the Torah, from the Heavens.

In fact, this man who was “slow of speech and tongue” has not stopped talking to us ever since…

The personal story of Moses is very empowering for children coping with learning disabilities, ADHD, and behavioral issues. And for their parents as well.

Moses’ story reminds us, we do not run the world.

The initial diagnosis of a disorder does not necessarily predict the future for that child.

Every time I see a student fail, and he feels that there is no way he can succeed, I look at him and remember Moshe Rabbenu.

*Based on the teaching of Rabbi Shlomo Levinstein.

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