What Women Who Live Past 100 Have in Common

What Women Who Live Past 100 Have in Common

First of all, if you are a woman and you would like to live a long life, you are in luck!

In 103 out of the 104 countries* that report their citizens’ life spans to the UN, women live longer than men (the only exception was Bangladesh).

And what about the elite crowd who reach 100 and beyond?

Worldwide, only 6 out of 100,000 people will live to 100 (FYI, in Israel 27 and in the US 22 out of 100,000 will live past 100).

And how does one manage that feat?

Doctors recommend practical tips for longevity such as healthy eating, staying active, maintaining family units, staying connected to others, meditating, and having (what a revolutionary idea!) a weekly day of rest:) (Read more at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/longevity-tips_n_2523611).

But in a Pnima Magazine article on women in Israel who have passed 100, a woman who has spent 30 years working in Jerusalem nursing homes shared something fascinating about the common denominators she has noticed among people who’ve lived past 100.

She shared:
“First of all, [of all the people I’ve seen who lived past 100] they were all women.
“And they were all women who very much treated others well.
“They were always encouraging others
“Not jealous at all.
“They had a lot of desire to help others
“And felt joy when good things happened to other people.
“In other words, each and every one of them was big-hearted.”

Sounds like a recipe not only for longevity but also for a very good life:)


  1. What a beautiful article!! Thank you so much Chana Jenny for always posting such uplifting stories!

  2. Having passed the halfway mark to 120, I find this article to be inspirational and motivating. My health insurance covers membership at a health club and fees for an online brain training website. I am enjoying both. I am still working full time and hope to continue with Hashem’s help. My husband and I spend time each day listening to Rabbi Gordon OBM teaching a chapter of Rambam each day. I have personal learning sessions on the phone weekly where I learn with a partner. The part that needs constant focus is to be positive and express gratitude.
    At this stage I have only one adult child at home so I am not busy with homework, laundry, bedtime routines etc.
    It does happen…and looking back it is always faster than while we are in it up to our eyes!

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