10,000 Facebook Fans, My 2 Huge Thank Yous!

10,000 Facebook Fans, My 2 Huge Thank Yous!

Yesterday, JewishMOM.com reached a milestone: 10,000 facebook fans.

10 years ago, when I started JewishMOM.com, my daily posts and videos reached only a few dozen moms.

So I came today to the Western Wall to thank Hashem, Who has enabled me to fulfill my dream–to make JewishMOMs around the world smile every day and to inspire you Jewish mothers by showing you how awe-inspiring you truly are. And remind you that as members of the community of Jewish mothers, your daily life has meaning, importance, and holiness. Connecting us all with a sense of mission and higher purpose.

And I also want, at this incredible milestone, to thank YOU.
Thank you for allowing the words that come from my heart, to enter your heart.
Thank you for your desire to be a JewishMOM who doesn’t just survive, she thrives! For her own wellbeing and for the wellbeing of her family and the entire Jewish people.

Thank you, JewishMOM, for enabling me to realize my impossible dream.

Sending much love from the Holy City of Jerusalem.


  1. mazal tov!

    Thank you for allowing the words that come from your heart, to enter my heart.

  2. Mina Esther Gordon

    May you continue your wonderful work until Moshiach comes. It’s the women who will bring the Geulah!

  3. wow! A worthwhile achievement! I am sure it will mushroom way beyond that number..

  4. I’m sure you have way more fans than that. I’m a huge fan of yours but I don’t do facebook.

  5. I second Chanie 🙂 You inspire me every day. I love your deep observations on ‘simple’ every day events and your positivity. Also, i admire your openness and vulnerability with which you show other jewish moms that what they perceive as failures is simply normal and part of motherhood. May Hashem give you the koyches to keep up your wonderful work ad 120!!!

  6. Sara Gallor

    Me too — not on Facebook. But this is by far my favorite site — one of my coping mechanisms as I go through what all JewishMOMs go through daily in raising our Jewish children.

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