What Your Kids See When They See Mom (3-Minute Video)

What Your Kids See When They See Mom (3-Minute Video)

This is the video I mentioned in the interview with Rabbanit Yemima, it was one of my most popular posts EVER. Get your tissues ready…


  1. I’m so cynical. Do you think this is actors with a script?

  2. I don’t doubt that as mothers we think the worst of ourselves and most of the time our children think highly of us (they definitely have their moments to tell us otherwise!!). But like the Dove adverts about how others see us Vs how we see ourselves, I just think these sorts of videos seem very scripted and performed. You can’t believe anything nowadays. As I say, I’m a cynic!
    Sending love and care to all in Israel as news is starting to filter through of sirens in Tel Aviv. I hope Hashem keeps all of the Jewish people safe.
    Good shabbos

  3. Seemed genuine to me. Of course they will have edited it and taken the best bits and everyone will have dressed up for cameras etc. But it doesn’t change the message of what they say.

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