The 1st Thing I Clean for Pesach

The 1st Thing I Clean for Pesach

There is a mitzvah for every Jew to be happy on the holidays. And our rabbis teach that the thing that makes us womenfolk happiest is getting new clothing or jewelry.

So every year, the first thing I clean out a bit for Pesach is my…bank account. Every year, before I start seriously scrubbing, scouring, sorting, or organizing my home I go out and buy myself 2 new dresses and a hat (here’s this year’s purchases).

I shop for myself first because I know from past experience that I tend to push off this task to the last moment. And when it’s the day before the seder, what’s more important? Cleaning the fridge or buying a new outfit?

So for the last few years, going shopping for new outfits for seder night and the rest of Passover is nearly the first thing I do.

And to me, buying myself those dresses represents making my happiness and sanity a priority while getting ready for Passover. Being kind to myself. Getting help. Not going overboard.

So happy cleaning, JewishMOM! (And happy shopping, too:)


  1. תתחדשי!!!
    פסח כשר ושמח!

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. Great Idea!
    Thanks for Sharing !

  4. such an amazing feeling!

  5. Gam Ani!! and it really helps!

  6. I love those dresses and those colors😀

  7. Wear them in good health

  8. Naomi Elbinger

    Beautiful dresses. May you feel like a queen in them on Pesach!

  9. You are so right! There’s always time for things at the beginning. Doing them first means we are prioritizing them.

  10. Beautiful and a great idea! There are always last minute things to do and we are last on the priority list.

  11. I was actually surprised by the answer!
    This is such a great idea. You often speak, write, and MODEL the importance of moms taking care of ourselves.
    Thanks for another great post about priorities!

  12. This is the best pesach advice I’ve ever read. Brilliant. Just reading it makes me happy.

  13. Thank you Chana Jenny. You inspired me to do the same. And a result, for the first time in ages I actually found two new outfits. Instead of shopping under last minute stress, I took care of myself. And it made starting cleaning so much easier…

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