My New Laundry Tower and Other Exciting Pre-Pesach Projects

My New Laundry Tower and Other Exciting Pre-Pesach Projects

A friend who is the author of a cookbook once chuckled as she pointed out, “I think it’s so funny that you never post any recipes on”
She’s right, there are almost never recipes on
Or advice on how to get a wine stain out of your husband’s kittel.
Or instructions on how to make a stunning yet simple hamantaschen costume for Purim.
“Because,” as my friend the cookbook author put it then, “you are SO not a baalabusta. It’s hilarious that YOU are”
But during the weeks before Passover (as my inspiration, Ami Magazine’s “From Frazzled to Neat Freak” put it) my inner 50s housewife really comes out and has some fun.

Here’s a few of this year’s Pre-Pesach home-improvement projects I’m pretty excited about:


  1. Jenny where are the baskets from? How much did they cost?

    • JewishMom

      I bought them at stock on the corner of najara and kanfei nesharim. they were around 40 nis. but I also found them on amazon–maybe they are called stacking laundry baskets.

  2. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
    Seriously, if we are supposed to be doing a spiritual cleanup, and chometz is a puffed up ego, then why is your friend knocking you?
    We Jews are one entity, we need to be supportive, encouraging, and empower each other.

  3. ” you are SO not a baalabusta.”
    that’s exactly why YOU are!
    don’t change anything (if you don’t feel a need to)
    i love you exactly as you are now!

  4. Jaia lipa

    Great! Thanks for.the tips!8

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