What the Heavenly Court Sees When They See Your Seder

What the Heavenly Court Sees When They See Your Seder

As told by Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwartz

The Zohar teaches that on Seder night the Heavens are wide open, like they are on Yom Kippur. And the Holy One Blessed be He calls together His entire Heavenly entourage and says, “Come, everybody! Come and look at my children! Come and share my nachas! Look at my beautiful, precious children, despite all that they have been through, they are still trying so unbelievably hard to make me happy, and to praise me for a kindness that I did for them thousands of years ago! Who else has children like that? They are so amazing, they are so wonderful!”

And the angels answer, “Praised is the King whose children have such pleasure in praising Him!” That is what’s happening on Seder night, the entire Heavenly entourage has its eyes on your seder.

Watch Rebbetzin Schwartz telling this story in this video. I love her, she inspires me SO MUCH!


  1. This Rebbitzen has always been my absolute favorite.

    • JewishMom

      she is incredible!! she so speaks from her gut, so sincere, this specific story she tells in this video has been sticking with me for weeks.

  2. Beautiful!

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