Today’s Sharon’s 70s Birthday, and Her Daughter’s in the ICU!

Today’s Sharon’s 70s Birthday, and Her Daughter’s in the ICU!

Please write a comment to send some love to my dear friends JewishMOM Sharon Saunders and her daughter Ruthie (featured in this video I made 11 years ago “My Heroes Live Next Door”). Ruthie has inoperable liver cancer and at this moment she is in the ICU fighting for her life.

And today, which Sharon will spend at Ruthie’s side in the ICU, is Sharon’s 70th birthday.

Please leave a comment so Sharon and Ruthie know that JewishMOMs around the world are sending their love (PLEASE WRITE WHERE YOU LIVE). And continue praying for a miraculous and complete and immediate recovery Rut Ahava bat Sora Masha.


  1. Sending birthday wishes and love from NYC

  2. Davening and rooting for refuot and yeshuot for Ruth- yeshuat Hashem k’heref ayin! Sharon and Ruth, may you be blessed
    Karen from Brooklyn

  3. Happy birthday Sharon! From the UK.

  4. Sending love and prayers to you from Beit Shemesh, Israel…. You both are an inspiration for us all!

  5. Refuah shelaima to Ruth and a happy birthday to Sharon! May you both be blessed and have koach and see yeshuas! Shuli from Beit Shemesh

  6. Yom Huledet Sameach Sharon!
    Love and best wishes from NJ
    Refuah Shleima Bekarov to Ruth

  7. Bs”d
    Happy B-day Sharon!.may you see.revealed miracles.
    Refua SHllema mamash now for your d4aughter tijie Ruth Ahava.
    May Simcha be all.over

  8. May Hashem Yisborach look upon your love and devotion and grant you both long and productive years.
    As we come closer and closer to the times of Moshiach, that which previously would have been considered miraculous is becoming natural. From the Torah’s words, we know that Hashem has given doctors the mandate to heal the sick, therefore He must also empower them and bless their efforts.
    Today is Rosh Chodesh Iyar the letters of which stand for: Ani Hashem Rofecha I Am G-d Your Healer.

    Mina Esther Gordon
    Melbourne, Australia

  9. Sharon you are a beautiful person.
    The depth of your devotion to another human being is unmatchable in my eyes.


  10. Jodie Cohen

    Happy birthday and praying for a refua shelema for your daughter from Ra’anana x

  11. A happy birthday and sending refuah shelimah wishes and prayers from CT South Africa

  12. Nechama Koren

    Refuah Shelema to you Ruthie! Happy Birthday, Sharon. You have a very special and amazing relationship, may you be blessed to have it much longer and cherish every moment.

  13. Refuah Sheleyma. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Kfar Haro’eh, Israel

  14. Dearest Sharon, sending love, light and prayers from Tzfat ♥

  15. Dear Sharon,

    May precious Rut Ahava bat Sora Masha be blessed with a refuah shleimah! And may you be blessed with a happy birthday – each of you shining your special light together!

    With blessings from Baltimore, Maryland!

  16. sandrine Farache

    Refuah shelema to Ruth with all of our heart from Orlando and Toronto!!!💕

  17. Sending this from the Sonoran Desert, Arizona. Sharon, I know a bit about your blessed life – as I myself am caregiver for my adopted, handicapped daughter. She is 42 now. I know the deep love you share with Ruthie as I share that same love with my sweet daughter as well. I cannot even imagine the depth of your concern as you sit by Ruthie’s side today on your birthday – but I wish you well. The love you share, and the memories you treasure are your silver and gold . . . gifts that can never be taken away. My heart is breaking for you, dear one. Much love and blessings on your head. Leisel

  18. Refuah Shelaimah to Rut Ahava bas Sora Masha! Thank you for being an inspiration and having such a special attitude and perspective on life and the world. You are phenomenal! May we all learn and grow from you and halavai may our hearts be as open and wide as yours. With love from Ramat Beit Shemesh!

  19. Sending refuah shlaima bimheira to Ruth!! Sharon, happy birthday! Keep strong as you have all these years. You are inspiration to us.
    Best regards,
    Keren from Yad Binyamin

  20. Happy Birthday Sharon, and Refuah Shelayma Ruthie!

    With love
    from Yerushalayim
    – – Iva

  21. Sending refuah shleima prayers and brochos for strength in all ways.
    AND although a few days late, Happy birthday!
    Mazal tov and may this year shower you with Hashem’s goodness in ways easy to see and feel.

  22. Refuah shelaimah Ruth
    May hkbh bless you you with a complete refuah very very soon and we can all celebrate together in yerushalayim

    Marilyn Blau
    Woodmere NY

  23. Janet Waller

    Happy Birthday Sharon, and Refuah Shleimah, Ruthie. May you bask in love and devotion and blessings from Hashem.

  24. Mazal tov to Sharon and refuah shlema and besorot tovot to Ruthie ❤

  25. Refuah Shelaimah and Happy Birthday! You guys touch my heart!
    Love and kisses from Chicago!!

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