Right after I read about today’s omer sefira, Gevura sh’b’Netsach, I got really excited. And I called my friend, the one with a mentally ill husband who makes her life very, very difficult, and I told her, “Today is your day! Today is Gevura sh’b’Netsach, the day of eternal heroism.”

This is how Rabbi Meir Gueta describes this day in his newly-released book (which I am loving with a passion) Tenufat HaOmer: Character Development through the Sefirot (Hebrew).

“We all know what fleeting heroism looks like. It can be important and meaningful, such as when a soldier jumps on a grenade to save the lives of others. But Gevura sh’b’Netsach isn’t that. Gevura sh’b’Netsach is expressed by a person in an ongoing struggle. A person born with a handicap or disability who could sink into despair and misery, but, nonetheless, chooses life instead, getting up and going to work and leading a life that is as normal as possible. A person who lost a loved one could sink into mourning and grief, but, instead, chooses life and remains active and thriving, despite the pain that greets her every day, anew.

“These are examples of Gevura sh’b’Netsach–ongoing, daily heroism. But it’s important for us to remember that it’s not only difficult stories like these that express Gevura sh’b’Netsach. All of us, without exception, face our own personal struggles, challenges that we must overcome day after day, whether we have a challenging character trait such as anger, pride, or sadness, or personal difficulties we face in our lives. Ongoing coping with difficulties and overcoming them, this is eternal heroism, Gevura sh’b’Netsach.”

And I think Gevura sh’b’Netsach is a special day for JewishMOMs. When we remember all the things we JewishMOMs do on a daily basis that we (just between us) would rather not do. But we but do them anyway. For our kids and for our husbands and, of course, for Hashem.


  1. Dani margolies

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I was literally fighting an ounce of despair for my child’s eating difficulty and decided to read some inspiration before entering the kitchen. Something seemingly so basic becomes my daily challenge. Thanks for sending an added dose of strength this morning.

  3. Wow! Very empowering.. thank you

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