Jewish Women Sing “Ori, Arise”: In Memory of Ori Ansbacher HY”D

Jewish Women Sing “Ori, Arise”: In Memory of Ori Ansbacher HY”D

Last night I attended my daughters’ end of year dance performance, which included a song I’d never heard before that brought tears to my eyes. This song, based on a poem written by Ori Ansbacher HY”D (translation below) was performed in Ori’s memory by the gifted musician Ruchama ben Yosef along with hundreds of other Jewish women and girls.

Ori’s powerful poem reminds me of something I’ve been thinking about this year. About how when people die here, it pushes regular, everyday Israelis and Jews into the spotlight. And suddenly, under those tragic and (in this case) horrifying circumstances, we get to see with dazzling clarity how the Jewish nation is made of individuals who are AWE-INSPIRING. Like dear, beautiful Ori Ansbacher, only 19-years-old, and so deep, so sensitive, so yearning with all her heart for a better world– a world of peace.

A WORLD OF PEACE by Ori Ansbacher

The young woman you are
The honey that was
Before they drew it, and you out

For yourself anew
That sweetness
That was
Your own

Revive the girl
And create a world
A world of peace
Before negotiating with yourself
And your beloved

Before the treaties
And the violations
And the battles
Make peace
Within yourself


  1. Hannah Kunin

    So beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    מי כעמך ישראל!

  2. Bs”d.
    Yes thankyou!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful., with all those beautiful Jewish women singing together
    Asi Shalom betochech…..

    We ask Hashem to help us do that –
    Sim Shalom Tova uvracha……

  4. Just beautiful!
    can you post the dance that was choreographed to that song??
    thank you so much for sharing that with us

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