Building Our Sanctuaries by Bracha Goetz

Building Our Sanctuaries by Bracha Goetz

Some major construction was going on,
That a passerby was viewing.
Then he got up the nerve to ask one guy
About what he was doing.

“I’m just drillin’ some holes
In this wood here,” the worker darkly grumbled.
Then the onlooker walked a few more feet.
He paused, and then he mumbled:

“What you up to, young fella?”
To a worker standing near
Who was wielding a hammer.
The fellow answered loud and clear:

“I’m making the frame of a building,”
The man declared with pride.
The passerby smiled, then walked on more,
Still not satisfied.

So he asked another worker,
Also drilling away,
About what he was doing,
How was he spending his day?

The man looked up, eyes sparkling.
His entire face was beaming.
And he responded with great joy,
Even though his sweat was streaming:

“I’m helping build a synagogue!
So I like my job a lot.
Me – building a House for G-d!
It’s a holy job I’ve got!”

How do I view all that I do,
Seeing value in each chore?
And do I see its highest purpose,
Imbuing each job with much more?

Changing diapers, or driving carpools,
Shopping for food, or paying bills,
Can be demeaning or uplifting,
Like hammering nails or using drills.

But the same work can send us sparkling,
From an enlightened inner core,
Each time that we can focus
On what we’re doing all this for.

Bracha Goetz is the author of 38 books to help children’s souls shine that can be found in Jewish bookstores and online.


  1. Nice!!

  2. A beautiful analogy!
    And what a wonderful blog you have Chana-Jenny where mothers can find understanding and inspiration and rediscover that ‘inner core’

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