1 Mom’s Hilarious Solution to the End-of-August Blues (2-Minute Video)

1 Mom’s Hilarious Solution to the End-of-August Blues (2-Minute Video)

Camp ending soon? Don’t know how you’ll cope? No worries! Just follow this creative mom’s approach. Then again, maybe don’t;)


  1. not so far from the truth…

    i love it!!
    thank you for cheering me up!

  2. That was hilarious!!!

  3. So funny!!!

  4. That is hysterical!

  5. Loved it!;

  6. I have watched it 3 times already and each time I laugh so hard I cry. Thanks!

  7. Yes, this was funny – and creative. But at the risk of sounding like I have no sense of humor, it was also disturbing. Is it common in modern Hebrew to talk about “tossing” your child somewhere? She kept on using the word ‘zorek.’ It can be difficult to deal with unstructured time, but really, just as we sometimes promote hysteria about making Pesach by talking about it as if it’s a difficult crisis, let’s be careful not to turn taking care of our children into something that is so difficult to do that we can’t manage it.

    • right, the word “zorek” was overboard. i agree

      • i think the word “zorek” or “toss” was meant to convey the idea that planning for your child’s care coverage is alot like planning a football game. the charts and language used in the clip are very similar to what goes into a football planning session….

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