The Ultimate Sleeping Pill, Jewish-Style

The Ultimate Sleeping Pill, Jewish-Style

I heard this story from Rabbi Fischel Schachter (video below) and laughed out loud. I’m sharing it with you, JewishMOM, to make you smile at the end of this looong summer vacation…
There was once a king who had insomnia. He tried all the standard sleep medications–Ambien, etc. But nothing worked. It had been weeks since the king had slept. How long could a person go without sleep?
So one day a Jew came along, and said, “Let me try.”
The king’s advisor was skeptical, “We’ve tried the biggest doctors in the world, the biggest therapists in the world, the biggest hypnotists in the world, nothing’s worked. And you think YOU can help?!”
But the Jew was confident, “Trust me, we Jews have a special sleeping medication.” And the advisor was so desperate that he decided to let him try.
The next day the Jew walked into the king’s chambers with a big pot of cholent. A real Hungarian cholent, full of steak bones and chicken fat floating on the top. He placed it before the king, and the king polished off the entire pot. Within seconds he fell asleep, snoring away. He slept for 4 days.
When the king woke up, he felt fantastic. He’d never felt so rested! And the vivid dreams he had!
So the king called in his doctors and his scientists and his analysts, his equivalent of the FDA, and he said, “It’s not right! It’s not fair that only the Jews know about this! You have to take this cholent and do a lab analysis of it, and figure out the secret, how it gets you to sleep”.
So they took the cholent and did a very sophisticated analysis of it, a microscopic lab analysis of all the ingredients and everything else.
And after a few days, the experts came back to the king and they told him, “Now we know how it puts you to sleep. What we couldn’t figure out is how you woke up after 4 days.”

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  1. That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing and uplifting this stressed Jewishmom during this looong vacation:).

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