Mourning my Daughter’s Classmate, Rina HY”D (2-Minute Video)

Mourning my Daughter’s Classmate, Rina HY”D (2-Minute Video)

This past Friday, my 17-year-old daughter, Maayan, came up to me looking pale and shaken. “Eema, you heard about the terror attack this morning? The girl who was murdered was Rina Shnerb from my class at Ulpanat Baharan.”
And then Maayan rushed off to attend the funeral of her 16-year-old friend, whose father and brother were also injured in the same terror attack. What an unfathomable tragedy to befall such a special girl and family.
Rina was such a happy girl, always smiling. Idealistic, truth-seeking, devoted to bringing more light to the Jewish people and the world.
In this video, Rina’s sister and mother remember and grieve for their remarkable lost sister and daughter.


  1. Thank you Jenny.

  2. BD´H may we see her soon with Moshiach.

  3. Oy. Tanchumim to Maayan and all her classmates.

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