The Tiny, Unnoticed Things We Moms Do Over Summer Vacation

The Tiny, Unnoticed Things We Moms Do Over Summer Vacation

Award-winning journalist and JewishMOM of 5, Sivan Rahav Meir, is also one of Israel’s most popular Torah teachers, with tens of thousands of students (myself included). Sivan and her family have just arrived for a year of shlichut in New York. And that means that yesterday she gave her famous Wednesday Parsha class for the first time in English. The following excerpt was (obviously) my very favorite part;)

How many tiny, unnoticed tasks of devotion did we parents perform for our children this summer vacation? We stood in long lines. We sat in traffic jams. We tracked down babysitters. We let them sleep in late. If only we parents could see within those routine acts of kindness their true and enormous value and blessing. We fail to appreciate all that we do since we don’t see immediate results.

But the Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches that we must strive to clearly see the significance of our positive actions. The great tzadikim acquired that ability, enabling them to always see the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong.
How appropriate, during summer vacation, is this call to see meaning in even the smallest good deed. How many tiny, unnoticed, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness, do we moms do at this time of year?

And don’t let the small size or the routine nature of your acts of parenting kindness fool you into thinking that what you are doing lacks importance. With those invisible acts of devotion, you are building your family and, ultimately, the entire future of the Jewish people.
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