What One Mother Learned from a Surgeon

What One Mother Learned from a Surgeon

I have a friend who waited for many years to become a mother. And a few days ago I ran into her on the street, pushing her long-awaited daughter who looks like a perfect china doll with her blond curls and sapphire eyes. 
My friend told me, “I have a relative who is a surgeon. And he makes sure to take very good care of himself. He gets enough sleep. He eats well. He does everything he can to be in top form. He lives this way, he always says, ‘Because I have people depending on me to be at my best.’ 
“And now that I’m a mother, shouldn’t the same be true for me?” 


  1. Love this! So true!
    Also, it applied to her even before she became a mother and will apply after her kids leave home. We always have a mission the world depends on us to complete.

  2. Wonderful! And wonderful comment also, Keren!

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