The Exciting Course I’m Starting Next Week: Rebbetzin Tukachinsky’s Sod Ha’adam

The Exciting Course I’m Starting Next Week: Rebbetzin Tukachinsky’s Sod Ha’adam

Last winter, one of my kids was going through a serious crisis. A friend told me about a simple tool she had learned from Rebbetzin Tukachinsky’s course, Sod Ha’adam. And thank God, after a few weeks, that daughter was doing great. And then I moved on to another child who was having a hard time, and so on and so forth, week by week, child by child, crisis by crisis. Until today. And every time, it’s worked wonders.

Then I listened to Rebbetzin Tukachinsky’s free Elul class. And I loved it! I loved the gripping stories she told to convey profound concepts. I loved the exercises she had us do, to understand ourselves and our loved ones better. So I signed up for her year course, starting next week! I hope you will join me! You can learn more and register at
Here’s the personal story of a past Sod Ha’Adam participant:



  1. What was the simple tool your friend told you?

  2. This is related to a personal question but i’m not sure how to reach you privately.
    What is the difference between this workshop and rabbi nivins chaburas?

    • you can reach me privately at
      I’ve been in rabbi nivin’s chabura for 10 years, and couldn’t recommend it more highly. I haven’t taken sod haadam yet, so I don’t know yet what the difference is…My sense is that rabbi nivin’s focus (at least at the beginning levels) is practical modules that provide practical tools to “live a life of vitality, transcendence, and powerful joy.” And sod haadam’s focus is more on hashkafa, upgrading the way we view ourselves, others and Hashem.

  3. Hi I would love to take the course but it is so expensive. What do kollel people/people with limited funds do when they want to take such a course but don’t have that amount of money to spend?

  4. I’m wondering how this is going?
    It looks amazing…

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