What Yoni Wants Me To Bring Him Back from London

What Yoni Wants Me To Bring Him Back from London

My husband’s going to London this week to interview potential students for next year. And I (woo-hoo!) am going with.
So I asked my kids what presents they want me to bring them home from the UK.
9-year-old Tsofia wants a stuffed animal to join the zoo at the bottom of her bed.
7-year-old Yaakov wants “ninja legos” (is there such a thing?)
And 4 year Yoni? When I asked him what he wants me bring him back from London, he cocked his head to the side in deep thought, and said, “Ice cream.”


  1. Please be in touch if you require any support with organising meals and accommodation, particularly if you come over shabbos.

    (My kids can tell you all about ninja legos!)

    Enjoy your trip and your husband should PG be matzliach.

    • you are so sweet! thanks so much! I think we’re set up, but I’ll be in touch if we need help. in the end yaakov said, anyway, he wants a soccer net, not ninja legos…

  2. Enjoy London! Will you be full on sightseeing, or will you be willing to meet with one of your English Jewishmums?

  3. Will you be in the Golders Green/Hendon area by any chance?

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