Mother Surprises Soldier Son (45-Second Moving Video)

Mother Surprises Soldier Son (45-Second Moving Video)

Not sure any mother can watch this without getting tears in her eyes (I certainly couldn’t). Logan Brenner made aliya on his own from the US, and just completed the 8-month course in combat engineering. At the ceremony marking the course’s completion, a surprise awaits him.
Watching this reminds me, no matter how big our kids get, no matter how far they go from home, no matter how strong and independent they are–your mom is always your mom.


  1. Wow, so sweet, and tears streaming down this Jewish mom’s face! May we all merit such a sweet and tender connection between us and our children when they leave our homes and move into adulthood.

  2. oh I can’t open this one! that sometimes happens on your site. I can only imagine the emotion!

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