After Divorce, will Noa Trade in Her Scarf for a Sheitl? (4-Minute Video)

After Divorce, will Noa Trade in Her Scarf for a Sheitl? (4-Minute Video)

I found this episode of Yes Man so powerful, hearing newly divorced Noa Yaron Dayan reflecting on what her beloved headscarf meant to her over the course of her 20 years of marriage, and what it represents to her now that she is divorced. My daughter and I watched this together on Saturday night, and we were literally cheering out loud for her as she tried on sheitl after sheitl. I, for one, think she looks awesome in a wig! Go Noa! [Please note: facebook has muted the end of the video because it features a copyrighted song, sorry about that:(].


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Does she say earlier at any point why she is considering a shaitel? And, what if she gets remarried – would she go back to a scarf? Or why she chose in the first place to wear scarves and no shaitels? Asking because I’m going through divorce right now and I have only worn scarves…

    • the show’s facilitator, chanoch daum, suggests she could try wearing a sheitl, a new look for her new life

  2. i actually really liked the blond one with the bangs!

    • I loved the last one. But sad ending to the story, when she went home with that last one, the kids told her that she can’t wear it–makes her look too much like their teachers in school.

      • Rishe Deitsch

        I do not understand. Her children are telling her what she can and cannot do? She is the mother to them, not the other way around.
        Her courage is obvious and to be admired. But, sounds to me that her whole way of life, That is, her religion, is teetering… Which begs the question, why the divorce?

  3. It takes so much courage to do this! I personally have a really hard time accepting the reasons WHY oh WHY a woman has to continue to cover her hair fully after divorce. Im not a feminist at ALL but this is repressive to me. If a woman wants to she should by all means but to HAVE to just doesnt make sense. I used to cover every hair on my head but at one point i felt Id lost myself and pushed it back (like most women!) . What a relief! I think maybe another option for divorced women is to play around with the style of their tichel to break free of whatever they are feeling….. good luck to Noa Yaron Dayan on this journey .

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